Thursday, December 29, 2011

On to New Year's...

Now that Christmas has past, I am on to planning our New Year's Eve party. This year it is going to be Japanese themed- sushi, Japanese style oysters, tempura, etc. We have done something similar in the past but I have made some changes. Below are pictures from the last Asian themed dinner party...

The changes-

1) I was recently inspired during a lunch at a local sushi restaurant, to make my own wood sushi boards. Using wood scraps from our home renovations I managed to make 2 large size boards. They are still not complete or I would post a picture- I am in the middle of oiling the boards.

2) Stu received a beautiful Japanese tea set as a gift a few years ago and it is going to be a part of our dinner this year.

3) I bought some new white soup bowls (the kind with the built-in chopstick resting hole) and small white sauce bowls.