Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Green Christmas Change #3

A Real Christmas Tree

While doing my research for green holiday tips, I came across some interesting facts from

"A real tree
can be an environmental choice this Christmas. For every tree harvested at a tree farm, another 10 are planted to ensure a crop every year; and one acre of Christmas trees on a farm will produce enough oxygen to support about 18 people and remove up to 13 tonnes of airborne pollutants per year. Although Christmas trees have been a problem for landfills in the past, many municipalities now chip them for mulching material. If your town doesn't recycle, use the branches and needles for mulch in your garden."

Stu and I won't be getting a real Christmas tree anytime soon, but our artificial tree is green in its own way. I was given the tree for free about 8 years ago after it was part of a mall Christmas display.