Thursday, March 28, 2013

Master Bedroom Makeover- Gallery Wall

As I posted (a while ago), I am in the process of giving my master bedroom a makeover. Most of the work was done very quickly (paint, vignette, etc.) but I have been stuck on the gallery wall for a while. I have all the frames but can't decide how to arrange them/what colour 2 of them should be.

Here is what I have in mind...

The options:

1) I could simply paint them black and leave them empty?

2) I could sand them down and stain them to match the other wood pieces in the room? Obviously this would be the most work since they are currently painted white.

3) Maybe the problem is not the colour but the arrangement. I could make the gallery wall more symmetrical?

4) Maybe the problem is both- colour and arrangement.  I could paint the frames black and make the arrangement more symmetrical?

What to do?...