Friday, March 30, 2012

Latest Online Thrift Find

I found the above French style cane back chair on Kijiji this morning. It is in good condition and the seller is asking $40! I offered $30 since I intend to have it recovered, so keeping the upfront cost down will help keep the overall price tag down. I realize it is a departure from my normal style but how nice would it look recovered in a cream linen fabric and used as a statement chair in my 'one day' living room?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

House Status

I have been meaning to post this since January but haven't got around to it.

Before- (These pictures include the last owners belongings!!)


Even this picture is a little old. Since it was taken we have replaced the garage door (not shown) with a lighter one with windows in it and the plants are all much larger and more mature. Looks much better...

I'm sure this goes without saying but I have re-arranged the living room several times since this photo.

The kitchen is only slightly different with the addition of an espresso maker.

I am not happy enough with the guest room, office and master bedroom to include them in the after photos but maybe after these last few jobs are complete I will be.

Jobs that still NEED to be done in the house…


- re-paint walls to cover touch up marks

- fix-up pass thru trim (sand, repaint)

- touch-up trim

- touch-up inside of kitchen cabinets

- trim to finish off the flooring under the dishwasher

- paint ceiling

Front entrance

- fix-up front utility closet (new shelving, paint, add hooks, finish flooring)

- buy and paint new stool (so I have easy access to a stool to reach the top cabinets in my kitchen)

- paint ceiling


- re-paint walls to cover touch up marks

- spray paint picture frames in matte black finish

- select & print new/updated pictures for frames

- paint ceiling

Guest bedroom

- finish painting trim (2 coats)

- re-paint walls to cover touch up marks

- fix crown moulding on electrical box enclosure

- cut and paint shelves in closet

- re-paint bedside table cream (i.e., swiss coffee)

- paint ceiling


- add trim to conceal sink plumping at wall

- spray paint exposed plumping on sink (just for aesthetics)

- touch-up trim around door

- paint ceiling


- finish painting trim (2 coats)

- re-paint walls to cover touch up marks

- buy & replace closet door

- paint new closet door

- paint ceiling

Master bedroom

- stain footboard of bed to match the headboard

- buy & hang new curtains

- re-paint walls

- re-paint bedside table and dresser a semi-gloss black (versus matt black which they are now and are not easy to clean)

- paint ceiling

Above are the jobs I actually intend to do, but my next post will be the jobs I would LOVE to do if we ended up staying here...

Monday, March 26, 2012

Paris Apartments

Stu and I have been planning our next trip to Paris and this time instead of staying at a hotel we are renting an apartment. While searching for the apartment I have found some of the most beautiful spaces and, for whatever reason, I find that I am drawn to the smaller spaces... something about the high ceilings, enormous windows, white walls and wood floors...

Technically these last 2 photos are of a studio apartment in San Francisco but it feels very Parisian to me.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

DIY Painted Canvas Idea

I was inspired by some DIY painted canvases that I came across online and thought I would use Microsoft Powerpoint to try and make up a few simple ones of my own.