Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Another Kitchen Update #2

So this has been a slow process but the end is finally in sight! At this point we have replaced the counter-top, sink, faucet, drain for the sink (well technically all the plumbing going to the sink) and hinges. The cabinets are painted grey and all that's left to do is to put the final coat of matt-finish Varathane on the cabinets and oiling the counter-top (a couple of times).

We love the the look of the counter-tops, sink and faucet. And (bonus) we had enough wood leftover from the counter-top to make a BIG cutting board.   

Friday, September 4, 2015

Another Kitchen Update

Here is how the kitchen looks today. The insides of the cabinets and drawer fronts are all finished being painted. I did all the back-splash touch-ups. Now we just have to finish painting the cabinet doors, buy and install new hinges and put everything back together. Then my favorite part begins... decorating...

Friday, August 21, 2015

Apartment For Sale

I realize that I am not done posting the before and after photos of the apartment, but here is the amazing virtual tour that our agent had made for the sale of the condo.

Update on Kitchen Mock-up

Although I had hoped to paint the back of the open cabinetry cream as I said here... I have now accepted reality and, in an effort to save myself time (and a lot of frustration), decided to paint the backs the same grey as the rest of the cabinetry. It will still look really nice and be much easier to paint.

Here is what it will look like now.... 

And here is what it actually looks like right now...

Even in its current, disheveled, in-progress state it is so much better then this...

Friday, August 14, 2015

"To Buy" List for the New House

We are still not actually moved into the new house but I have already made up my "to buy" list.

For the eat-in kitchen:

Old church pew (thrift) for the bench seating (to be painted if it`s in bad condition or not a stain that I like)...

Two Eames Eiffel chairs (new)...

A wood dining table (thrift- can get these for a steal online) that can be extended (painted dark grey- like the kitchen cabinets)...

For the kitchen:

A rustic wood mirror (for above the sink; new or thrift)...

A faucet (new)...

... and sink and counter...

For the bedrooms:

A pretty light fixture (new) for each room... 

For the exterior:

A nice outdoor light (new) and probably some new house numbers to go with it...

For the bathroom:

A shower head and hand held shower (new)...

Sink faucets (new)...

Bathroom light (new)...

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Kitchen Mock-up

So I decided to take my ideas one step further and modify the "before" kitchen picture to look like what I am hoping the "after" kitchen will look like.

This is what I was originally thinking but it looks like it will be difficult to straighten some of the doors so it may be easier just to remove them.

Here is what it will look like without the doors on some of the upper cabinets.

If, by some miracle we do not replace the ugly floor tiles, here is what it will look like.

All still MUCH better then where it started off...

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Kitchen Inspiration

This is my "new" kitchen (i.e., new to me but not to the world).

I think/know it needs a lot of love. I am thinking the following jobs are an immediate must:

- new floors
- paint cabinets
- paint backsplash
- paint french door and walls in the eat-in kitchen
- new closet door
- new window dressings
- new faucet
- new counter-top

Now on to the fun part... inspiration for the makeover of the "new" kitchen.


Monday, August 10, 2015

DIY Project Ten- Pipe Bench

I have been on the hunt for a 6' long bench to fit behind my sofa and for my front door "landing strip" but have had no luck. I love the industrial look so I thought I would give the pipe bench a try.

What's I used:
1 piece rough cut barn-board (cut to 6" length)
8 flanges (galvanized steel)
8 x 3" pieces of pipe (galvanized steel with threaded ends)
4 x 1" pieces of pipe (galvanized steel with threaded ends)
4 corner tees (galvanized steel with female fittings)
1 4' piece of pipe (galvanized steel with threaded ends) 
1 can matte black spray paint (galvanized steel with threaded ends)

So here's how it all goes together...

Screw together all the threaded ends in the below configuration. Make sure that all the joints are fashioned securely together and laying flat on the floor.

Wipe down the metal with soap and water to remove any residue on the pipes. Once the pipes are dry, spray paint the bench base in a well ventilated area. I used matte black paint to give it a rod iron look. 

Next, secure the barn-board to the bench base via the upper flanges attached to the bench base.

Stain the barn-board bench surface any colour you like. I choose a dark walnut stain.

Sand down the surface of the bench if it is rough. I liked the colour of the wood after only one coat of stain so I left it at this point. Lastly, add a coat of polyurethane/urethane to protect the bench top. That's all... Ssssoooo happy with the results!

Total cost= $70 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Our Apartment Made it onto Apartment Therapy!

This is very exciting for me! I have been a fan of Apartment Therapy for years but since most of my places have been under reno this whole time, I have never had anything to post. Well that wait is over...

Dining Room - Before & After

Before- Obviously staged to sell just like the living room. Great bones though.

After-  Repainted a lighter shade of beige. Feels much brighter now. You can't see them in this photo but their are curtains across the whole wall making it look like a wall of windows. A very pretty and functional space.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Living Room - Before & After

Now that we are leaving our apartment, I thought this would be a good time to post the after photos. Beginning with the living room...

Before- Staged to sell with a very large, modern, alcohol burning candle where (I think) a traditional fireplace should be.

After- Lighter and brighter. Best bang for our buck was the fireplace. Stu and I installed the fireplace which we got for free from the apartment across the hall. We painted it grey, had a mirror cut, created the slate surround and drove 1 hour to buy the cast iron, art nouveau fireplace insert (which we found on Kijiji). Total project cost around $200... totally worth the effort for such a great focal point! 

The seating area is cozy and great for conversation and the arrangement takes the focus off the television and onto the fireplace (where it should be).


The most practical project in the room was the landing strip we created behind the sofa. Stu made the hooks and shelf himself and we had a carpet runner bound to the size that fit perfectly in the long space. There is a long bench made from barn board and plumbing that I made behind the sofa with show storage underneath. By doing this we turned a negative (i.e., having no front closet or proper entryway) and turned it into a positive. 

I will miss those floors!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

New House!

While our brief time in a condo was lovely... I do not think that condo life is for us. So we bought a beautiful little cottage just around the corner.

The Before Photos (with someone else's things inside it...)-

The house from the street... lots of curb appeal!

The front vestibule... surprisingly large but no built-in closet.

The dining room... really good size with terrific floors and trim.

The living room... 

 The kitchen... needs some tlc. Floors have to go and the wall colour is not working for me.

The eat-in kitchen... lots of unrealized potential. That cabinet has to go!

The back porch... clearly a prevously underused space. Would make a perfect and functional mudroom. Lots of built-ins.

The master bedroom... small but functional. Closet needs a door!

Bedroom #2... again small but functional. Wallpaper is going!

The front porch... the floorboards needs to be sanded but everything else is in good shape!

The garage... really cute little space!

The bathroom... panda window...hmmm?

The backyard... long, well landscaped and maintained. Basically all you can ask for.