Thursday, December 1, 2011

Green Christmas Change #2

Reusable Gift Tags

Most people buy gifts each year for the exact same people, so why not make (or buy) personalized gift tags and reuse them from year to year? Stu and I are foregoing gift tags for our gifts to one another but are reusing the tags on the gifts for the rest of our family and friends.

As I started doing some research, I came across some very interesting ideas for reusable gift tags.

Idea #1- Chalkboard paint

Idea #2- Recycling the Christmas cards you received last year as gift tags this year.

Idea #3- Print and label your own gift tags. Many sites have free Christmas tag downloads (below are from Martha Stewart)- simply download the images and print on card stock.

Idea #4- Make-your-own gift tags. All you need is some card stock or scrapbook paper, a pair of scissors, a pen and a hole punch.