Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Host/Hostess Gift Idea

Recently, I came across the President's Choice Ice Cream Shop Flavours- Toppings and they are fantastic. There are 3 different kinds but my personal favorite is the chocolate & toffee topping. They are reasonably priced at $2.99 for 125g,but I thought it would be nice (and a bit unique) to make the mix yourself and give it as a host/hostess gift this holiday season.

How to make the chocolate and toffee mix:

What you need-
1. chopped peanuts (widely available)
2. dark chocolate shavings (I would suggest buying a good quality dark chocolate bar and shaving the chocolate yourself using a knife)
3. milk chocolate shavings (same as above but with a milk chocolate bar)
4. chopped toffee pieces (I would suggest buying good quality toffee and breaking the pieces yourself using a knife or by simply keeping the toffee in its original packaging and hitting it against a hard surface)

Add all ingredients together in equal portions and its just a matter of wrapping it. I like the idea of a small holiday-themed cellophane bag tied with some ribbon and a gift tag.