Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Perfect Cheese Board

I am going to visit a friend tomorrow night and as a thank-you gift, I made her a small wood cutting board (technically I am still making it). I would like to bring some cheeses and what not to have with some wine and I thought I might do a little research on what makes the perfect cheese board.

Compliments of Martha Stewart:

#1- The perfect cheeses- and a little rhyme to help you remember- "Something hard, something soft, and something blue.”

#2- The vehicle- like crostini, crackers or a nice crusty bread.

#3- Something sweet- like fresh or dried fruits.

#4- Something salty- like whole or stuffed olives or an olive tapenade.

#5- Something with a little crunch- like nuts or apple slices.

#6- The right timing- cheese tastes best at room temperature so make sure to give them enough time to acclimate before eating.

#7- The perfect board- rustic wood cutting boards always work!

#8- The perfect wine- something thats complements your cheese selection.

And so begins the year of the handmade gift!