Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mixing Very Different Styles- Traditional & Mid Century Modern

My step-mom and dad are in the process of decorating their new home. My step-mom has decided to make their open concept living room into a (very large but functional) dining room.

The problem- She loves mid century modern furniture but has to decorate around a very large (and traditional) grandfather clock that has sentimental value to my dad.


The question- How do you, successfully merge, two very different styles like mid century modern and traditional?

The solution- A few pieces from both styles but nothing too extreme.

Above is the storyboard I made for her. Basically the grandfather clock, parsons chairs (extra dining seats and bar stools) and sunburst mirror are more traditional in style. The sideboard, table lamps and dining chairs are mid century modern. Everything else in the room will have simple, clean lines.