Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Dream Living Room

I made up a storyboard for my dream living room (not necessarily for the cottage but for a city apartment). I picture the walls a warm cream colour with lots of black frames and thick white mats and lots of wood elements to introduce warmth into the room(s).

What it involves:

1) the Stylus Lyric sofa (when we were sofa shopping it was my tied with the sofa we eventually bought) in beige
2) the personalized street sign I made a few weeks back (not shown in the above storyboard)
3) lots of black and white photography in black frames with thick white mats (which we already have in our apartment in Montreal)
4) a mid century modern sideboard (which I don't have, but could definitely find online thrift shopping)
5) wood lettered bookends (I would actually prefer them in black)
6) upholstered dining chairs
7) a mid century modern armchair (which I have blogged about quite a few times, also a potential online thrift find)
8) an oval, pedestal coffee table
9) black and white toile fabric (for pillows, etc.)
10) a large, simple, clean lined dining table (also a potential online thrift find)
11) accessories- some of which I already have (e.g., ottomans, bowl, throw blanket) and some I would need to buy (e.g., water hyacinth baskets)