Thursday, August 4, 2011

Decorating Outside the Box

For those of you looking for an inexpensive island/extra storage for your kitchen or laundry room/ bathroom vanity here is an idea.

I regularly look through the flyers and always see the Home Handyman workbench from Home Hardware on sale for $69.97 (regulare price is still reasonable at $89.99). It stands at counter height, the surface is 6' long (technically 72" x 22" x 33"), it is solid wood and predrilled for easy assembly. The "backsplash" can be easily removed if it were going to be used as an island but would be a nice extra detail if it were acting as extra storage piece against a wall in a kitchen or laundry room or as a vanity in a bathroom.

For price comparison purposes, I did a quick internet search for the next best option...

It is the IKEA GROLAND kitchen island and it is $269 but not nearly as long as the first option (this one is 48" long versus 72"). Yes the wood is much thicker and it has a few more details but does that justify such a price difference? I think not.