Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Where to Buy What- Part 2

The following is a list of my go-to, best bang for your buck places for everything home decor related (except kitchen stuff which was in the Part 1 post).

Outdoor accessories (e.g. lighting, dishes, lanterns, etc.)- Canadian Tire and JYSK
Outdoor fabric (pillows & curtains)- Fabricland (check out the variety of fabrics they have this year- lots in ready made pillow covers and curtains)

Pillow inserts- IKEA and JYSK (depending on where you live)
Pillow covers (ready-made)- Fabricland (sale)
Pillows (inserts+covers)- Homesense

Throws- Fabricland (sale)

Wood furniture (great to buy second hand especially if you intend to paint it)- Kijiji, thrift stores, garage sales, Craig's List & flea markets

Decorative accessories (e.g. candle holders, bowls, small dishes, books, etc.)- thrift stores, dollar stores, Bouclair and Loblaws (specifically the P.C. products)

Lighting- Canadian Tire (especially on sale)

Carpets- Walmart (for plain and simple ones), carpet stores (for irregularly sized ones) and IKEA (for everything in between)

Curtain rods- JYSK
Curtains- JYSK (sale), IKEA

Sheets- Loblaws (specifically the P.C. products)
Duvet & Cover- IKEA

Baskets- Canadian Tire (sale- especially if you like seagrass)

Upholstered pieces (e.g. sofa, chairs, etc.)- local furniture store (not a big box store)- better quality at affordable prices

Frames- IKEA, thrift stores
Mats- dollar stores (8 x 10"), Michaels (every other size)

Towels- Walmart
Bathroom accessories (e.g. towel bar, soap pump, rug, etc.)- JYSK (sale), Walmart