Thursday, May 21, 2015

What's Left for Jenn's New Place

Well I haven't posted most of the after photos for Jenn's new place yet but they are on their way. Other than Jenn's master bedroom we are getting to the finishing touches everywhere else in the house... and it has really come a long way!
Here is a list of the final missing or unfinished elements.

1) Finish the front closet. Not much needs to be done here but take down the old cheap looking hooks and put up the nicer (already purchased and in the house) hooks. Maybe even take down the old closet pole in lieu of the new hooks.

2) Add big peace lily to the living room. Not only do they look great and let you know when they need to be watered but they also clean the air in your home. Love peace lilies. The pot is already there but still needs to be painted cream.

3) Paint all remaining elements that need to be cream e.g. coffee table, plant pot and saucer, magazine stand, bench, curtains rods, etc. I think a painting party is in our future...

4) Add a lovely white floor lamp to the living room. The floor lamp she currently has is really ugly and darkens the room more then anything else.

5) Find a thrift coffee table (preferably with a lower shelf for computer/television set-up) and paint it cream. Something similar to this:

6) Add bamboo blinds to the front window for extra privacy and their good looks. I especially love when they are hung with cream curtains (which these will be).

7) Remove the old phone jack from the kitchen wall then plaster, sand and paint.

8) Remove the awkward shelf above the kitchen peninsula.

9) Finish the mini mud room in the kitchen (at the back door).

10) Put up the new curtains for the patio doors and hem them... actually hem all the curtains in the house.

11) Start and finish jenn's master bedroom makeover.

12) Come up with a vignette for the landing at the top of the stairs.

13) Do something with the very blue (but newly renovated) bathroom.

14) Hang the closet door in the girls room.

I think that covers everything!

The unfinished basement needs a ton of work but that is another story...