Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Re-upholstering A Thrift Find Occasional Chair

So I bought this chair at least 5 years ago. I spray painted it then and ripped off the upholstery (which was not nice) thinking that this would rush me to re-upholster it.

Flash 5 years into the future and I finally just got around to re-upholstering it. Mind you it was still sitting in my living room all this time... and people were sitting on it.

Steps to reupholstering:

1) I created a paper template to use to cut the foam.

2) Cut the fabric to fit over the foam and down to be tacked onto the chair itself.

3) Fold the corners of the fabric around the foam and chair legs.

4) Using two people to hold the fabric tight, tack the fabric in place all around the chair.  

5) Use a glue gun and glue the trim over top of the tack heads.

Finished product- Beautiful! I am actually really impressed with the how it turned out... I was very skeptical in the beginning. It was more work then I had planned but the result was worth it. After everything it cost about ~ $70 to re-upholster.