Friday, October 10, 2014

Cheap to Chic

Have you ever been to a home where someone has clearly tried to decorate, but they haven't quite pulled it off? Instead of looking fabulous, the space just looks cheap...

Here are some of my ideas of where people go wrong...

1) flat, under-stuffed pillows

versus plush, fluffy pillows


2)  comforters on beds with no throw cushions


versus a duvet and cover and throw pillows

3) wall art hung too high


versus properly scaled, wall art hung at the appropriate eye level (i.e., 10-12 inches above furniture or 55-66 inches standing level)

4) skimpy curtains hung improperly (i.e., thin, small curtains hung too low on top of the window and not hung far enough out on the sides of the wall)

versus full curtains hung well above the window frame (to make the window seem bigger) and hung far enough out on the wall beside the window (to allow as much light in as possible)