Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Living Room on a VERY Tight Budget

Similar to my kids room on a budget and my master bedroom on a budget posts, here is my version of the living room on a budget.

These ideas are for a 12 x 9 living room with two doorways and one, large window... and starting with nothing. Something similar to below:

To begin, the living room wall colour should be a light, neutral colour. Something like a very light beige (to keep the room feeling bright and airy) with a few DIY and inexpensive, store bought accessories. For example:

Lets begin with the living room furniture essentials i.e., a sofa, a chair, a coffee table, a side table, a pair of curtains and a curtain rod. I guess I should also include a television in the room essential list?...

Possible inspiration board for the living room?...

1- Buy the side table, coffee table, lamps and chair (FYI- nice, wood rocking chairs can be found for a song!) second hand. Paint the side table and coffee table the same colour to help them coordinate.
2- Purchase a new sofa.
3- Buy the decorative throw/ suggling blanket from Homesense.

4- Buy the curtains from IKEA and the curtain rod kit from JYSK.
5- Buy the paint from a big box store. You will need 1 gallon of wall paint and 1 gallon of paint for the furniture. Buy the paint brushes and mini rollers at the Dollarama but the large rollers you will have to buy at a big box store.
6- The circle mirror should be purchased at IKEA for $15.
7- The four medium picture frames (with mats) should be purchased second hand.
8- Purchase the glass vase and candle second hand.
9- The plant pot should be purchased at a big box store and painted.
10- Purchase the plant itself at Walmart where they sell for $10.
11- For the wall hooks, buy the hooks themselves at the Dollarama (2 hooks x $1.25) and the piece of wood to mount them to at a big box store (where they will cut it for you) and paint it.
12- Buy the pillow fabric and fills at Fabricland (on sale or from the ends bin) and make the pillow yourself.
13- Buy the large canvas at XSCargo. They sell them for $8 each. Paint them with dollar store paint and brushes.
14- Buy a flat screen television from Costco for $169.

sofa $500
solid wood, coffee table $40
solid wood, side table $10

Window dressings-
curtains $15
curtain rod kit $8

table lamp $10
floor lamp $10
picture frames (with mats x 4) $20
hooks (stainless steel x 10) $6.25
plant pot $5
plant $10
circle mirror $20
vase $1.25
candle $1
DIY large canvas $8 
pillow fabric $10
pillow fills $15
television $169

-Total budget- $858.50

... which sounds like a lot (again) but if you didn't have to purchase the sofa and television it would only be $189.50! That's pretty good for a fully functional and nice looking living room.