Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Large Scale, Budget Art Work

I know that I haven't posted many (well any) pictures of our "new" apartment. So this will be one of the first!
We had a blank wall beside the fireplace that drove me crazy. I wanted something to fill it but didn't want to spend a fortune... which it was going to cost me because it was a large space and required something substantial to properly fill it. Enter my DIY art.

What you need:

1) XSCargo stretched art canvas ($9.99)

 2) leftover house paint (free)

 3) paintbrushes (for however many different paint colours that you use; $1.25 each; Dollarama)

...the end result...

I think it turned out quite good! It stands out even more now that the wall colour is more white/light grey versus the beige in this photo.