Tuesday, October 22, 2013

On the hunt for...

Now that we are in the new apartment and have had a good start at decorating it, we still have lots of work to do but their are a few things that I am hunting for.

For the living room:

1) a unique, traditional style armchair- with queen Anne legs, a light coloured fabric (although I am willing to have it re-upholstered and lighter legs (and I am willing to paint them myself) 

2) a large, metal wall clock

3) an old, wine crate to hold firewood (even though our fireplace is ethanol...)

For the dining room:

4) a traditional style, silver serving tray- to sit on the dining room sideboard and hold the scotch decanter and scotch glasses

For the bedroom:

5) a wood dresser- with queen Anne legs and I will paint it dark grey (I can't imagine I will actually find it in the colour I want)

6) a wood bench with cushion seat- for the foot of the bed, which I will paint the legs dark grey and recover the seat with a fun yellow and dark grey fabric

7) a fun yellow and grey fabric- for a lumbar pillow for the bed, the bench cushion at the foot of the bed and a roman blind for the small window in the bedroom