Monday, August 12, 2013

Kitchen Lighting

The kitchen of our new apartment can really use some love. It is functional but is also well worn and has some wasted space. We intend to completely renovate it. My plan is to create a kitchen with a french bistro style, similar to below... except with dark grey cabinets.

What I cannot decide on is the lighting. It is a small galley kitchen with very high ceilings and could use a nice medium to large pendant. I am not sure what style of fixture to go with- modern or traditional. The rest of the apartment is a mix of the two styles, so either style will work. Here are my choices:

Traditional- black



...or modern-stainless steel

Normally I would be practical about the decision and just go with the fixture that costs the least, but all of the above cost roughly the same, reasonable price! Maybe I should let Stu decide? Probably not.