Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Water Hyacinth Baskets

This may make me sound a little crazy but that's okay.
I was given a water hyacinth basket for my bridal shower a long time ago. It has been in my bathroom for years and was starting to show its age. So one day I decided that it would look new and fresh if I put a coat of stain on it in a little darker colour than the original. So I stained it and I was shocked to see that it turned out great! So, fast forward a few months and JYSK is clearing out the baskets below.


I love a good deal and I did not pay any more than $5 for any one of them! Just a side note- I also love that water hyacinth is a green choice since it growing time is quite short, they grow like a weed (actually are quite problematic in some areas) and the fibers are strong.

I used the Minwax Wood Finish stain in dark walnut (below) and put a single coat on the outside and inside of each basket using a paint brush. FYI- This is an oil product so you will want to do the staining in a sheltered (they take at least a few days to dry depending on the humidity) and well ventilated area (I did it in my garage).   

The finished product is worth the effort!

When we move into our new place I will take a picture of them in their rooms. I think the darker colour stain just takes them up a notch.