Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Year of the Handmade Gift Continues!

Now that we are full swing into 2013, I am trying to prepare (way in advance in some cases) my ideas for handmade gifts for all occasions.

I posted some ideas on handmade gifts at Christmas time last year but since then I have come up with some new ideas...

Lotions and moisturizers


I will be scouring local resale stores looking for the best glass lotion pumps (or glass jars) to perfect this gift! I might even consider making my own labels for the jars.



Fruit cake or other loaf breads or cakes


 ...and how nice would your loaf or cake look coming in a small ceramic loaf pan...

Crossword puzzle books- Their are even sites where you enter all the clues with answers and it creates the crossword puzzle for you for FREE!