Saturday, December 8, 2012

Handmade Christmas

Although I am already finished Christmas gift shopping for this year, I have started planning for next year (I know how crazy that sounds!). I was talking with a friend of mine and her family is only giving handmade gifts to one another. I loved the idea so I started looking into possible gifts that I could make. I cannot knit or crochet and am not particularly crafty but I am willing to try. I am thinking that next year might have to be a handmade Christmas!

For the person who loves to garden or cook- chalkboard labelled herbs (grown from seeds):

For the home store shopper- wood trivets:

For the indian food lover- curry mix:

For the entertainer- cloth napkins:

For the person who loves a good soak- lavender bath salts:
For the person who has everything- a chalkboard:

For the cheese lover- a wood cutting board:

 For the sushi lover- a sushi board:

For the kitchen lover- fun tea towels:

For the girlie girl- a pendant necklace: