Monday, April 30, 2012

The Things we would LOVE to do to the house...

Below is a list of the jobs I would LOVE to do if we end up keeping the cottage for years to come.
(Not necessarily in this order!)

1) Install wood counter-tops with an overhang for a breakfast bar with some stools underneath.

2) Install a rainfall shower head.

3) Rock the entire shoreline with river rock.

4) Replace our traditional washer and dryer with front loaders and a counter-top.

5) Replace the existing crown molding (if you can call it that) with proper crown molding in the living room.

6) Replace the existing front door with a door with windows to let light in.

7) Replace our gas furnace with geothermal heating and cooling.

8) Replace our electric water heater with an on-demand, tank-less water heater.

9) Replace all the windows in the house with larger, UV protected windows. 

10) Replace the asphalt shingles with a black metal roof.

That's all the jobs I can think of for now!