Monday, April 11, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions

I decided to research and compile the answers to some frequently asked decorating questions. Of course their are exceptions, but these are the general rules.

1. Question- How high do you hang art on a wall?

Answer- According to Apartment Therapy, art should be hung at 57" on center (meaning the center of the piece of art is at 57"). FYI- 57" happens to be the average human eye-height.

2. Question- How high should your chandelier hang over your dining room table?

Answer- According to Retro Renovation, a chandelier should be 66″-72″ from the floor (over a 30″ high table) i.e., your chandelier should be 36″-42″ from the top of your dining table.

3. Question- How high do you hang curtains?

Answer- According to House and Home, your drapery rod should be hung halfway between the top of the window and the ceiling and the curtains should be long enough to just touch the floor.

4. Question- How do you hang curtains for a round-top window?

Answer- According to House and Home, your rod should be hung just below the rounded part leaving the upper section uncovered.