Friday, February 11, 2011

Nothing Room- Before & After

There is a room in our house that essentially connects all of the different areas together. We lovingly refer to it as the "nothing room". I believe it was the dining room of the house before the addition of what is now our dining room and mud room.

Before- The previous homeowners may have used the space for dining although I am not sure how functional the table was pushed up against the wall. The light fixture was one of the first things to come down when we moved in.

After- We replaced the floors and trim, opened up the doorway to the living room, replaced the ceiling fixture with a fan matching the one in the kitchen, added some stools to the peninsula (and one day they will sit under a breakfast bar) and painted. As you can see below, Stu and I have a cabinet that is quite large but fit perfectly in the awkward corner. Rather than trying to fit too much furniture into the small space we opted for the large cabinet in one corner and a small seating area in the other corner. It seems to be the area that everyone congregates when we are entertaining.