Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sofa Shopping

My husband and I decided to be practical this Christmas and get eachother a new sofa and chair. Our old sofa is (and has been) well used and is showing it. I am on the hunt for a great sofa and chair for a good price. Now the fun part... shopping.

First stop- IKEA
Normally I would not consider IKEA (b/c it's far from my house) but they have a sale on until November 21 that if you buy any fabric sofa you get a second piece at half price.

FYI- They do not look the same colour in the pictures below but they are.

Love the IKEA Stockholm 3.5 seat sofa and 1.5 seat armchair.

- great neutral colour that will work with our existing space
- good size with clean lines
- great price for the 2 pieces (with the sale = $1748.50)
- slip covers are available for both pieces

- either have to pay for delivery or rent a trailer to pick them up
- no option of having them stain guarded
- not in love with the stain on the oak feet- definitely don't have anything in the space that is the same colour