Monday, August 9, 2010

Can't leave well enough alone...

Needlesstosay I made the trip to our Montreal apartment this weekend and made some changes. I felt that certain areas were still lacking in something... so my goal was to try and figure out what.

To start- the bedroom is large and does not have a lot of furniture in it. We essentially only had a bed, 2 end tables and a vintage trunk to put in it. All our clothes fit in the surprisingly large walk in closet so a dresser wasn't necessary. Basically what I did was create a faux headboard (with paint and mdf) and add 2 IKEA frames with pictures I tore out of an art book that I bought for $1. I believe this creates a sufficient focal point for a room this large. I also made some pretty pillows for the bed.

The only problem I still have with the room is the horrible mini blinds on the enormous window that everyone can see in at night. I'm thinking sheers (which I don't normally like) to diffuse some of the view... both in and out.

The kitchen has come a long way from when we first saw the apartment. This trip involved hanging 3 pictures in what I can only call an awkward corner. I think the fabric mats really add interest to a very empty wall. I think I can officially say that I am finished decorating the kitchen.

The bathroom- I added a few finishing touches to the small space. The 3 pictures distract your eye from the tiny window and the polished chrome towel bar and towel ring (not shown) add some sparkle to a very plain bathroom.

Lastly I decided to re-arrange the living room. The chair in the middle of the room seemed to divide the space too much. We moved the chair to the other side of the room and moved the seating arrangement down about 2 feet to take better advantage of the large room. I'm thinking the living room is also finished! The dining room is another story.