Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Dock

My husband Stuart and I have spent our long weekend (and the better part of our vacation) building a new dock. Here are the pictures documenting our progress.

First- The before picture...

Day 1- Today we built the platform frame which was more work then we imagined...

Day 2- Today we (well Stuart) began by hand mixing 12 bags of concrete for the slab at the shore where the ramp will be attached. The rest of the day was spent bracing the platform and building the ramp.

Day 3- Today we hinged the ramp to the platform, put the ramp in the water and put the deck boards on and finished the day by using two lawn tractors (ours and our neighbors) to drag the platform down to the water.

Day 4- After a good nights sleep Stuart came up with a plan to get the platform in the water using just the two of us and a winch. Finished finally!!!

Well worth the work... now onto rocking the shore.